Register for Pizza Crawl 14

Pizza Crawl 14
May 31 @ 6pm

  1. Ride a bike 🚲
  2. Eat pizza 🍕
  3. Party 📸

Roll into Pizza Crawl 14

Pizza Crawl is here for BikeMonthRVA. $15 registration pays for your pizza and event costs, and any extra is donated. You can select an optional $5 donation to FeedMore or Richmond Cycling Corps when you register.

This year's ride will begin at the
Carillon. The route will be between 10-15 miles and have 4 pizza stops. Full ride route will be announced a week prior to the event.

Ready to register for May 31? Get pre-registered so we can get a head count prior to the event!

Pre-heat your Pizza Crawl oven